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Three years behind at Liferay Today

I can't believe it's already been already 3 years since I left Logica and joined Liferay. Today it's exactly 3 years when I moved from Finland to Germany to join Liferay as a senior consultant. It's been really interesting 3 years. First 18 months I worked from our German office in Frankfurt am Main. My duties were mostly helping our customers and partners with their Liferay architecture and performance tuning. I also did quite a few trainings all over Europe. Although travelling was quite exhausting I still enjoyed it quite a bit.

During my time in Germany I also got to participate in some core engineering tasks in form of sponsored development.  Sponsored development is where a customer comes to us with some feature or enhancements they want in the core product and as a result we find a way to implement the customer needs in such a way that we can include it in the core product for everyone else to take advantage of too. 

When I joined Liferay the intention was that I would join the team in Los Angeles as a core engineer. Well it took some time to get all the paper work done for US immigration and for me to get a H-1B visa but that finally happend about 18 months ago and that's when I relocated to sunny Southern California. Now I live in Los Angeles and work as a core engineer from our LA office. 

It's been amazing 3 years and I'm so proud to be member of our amazing team. It hasn't been without some challenges and frustration (mostly against USCIS) but I think it's all been worth it. This is truly one of the rare companies that care about more than just shareholder profits. It really cares about it's employees, customers and community and not to forget about society in general. One of our perks is that we can get paid days off to participate in volunteer programs. 

If you'd like to join us check out our career pages and feel free to contact me.

Mikachu! I love to have you sitting right behind me! I know I will not have that privilege forever, so I don't take it for granted!
Posted on 4/1/12 10:28 PM.
Manish Gupta
Congrats Mika

- Manish
Posted on 4/1/12 11:32 PM.
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